Food Spin with Chef Aleem


Région: Ontario and Nunavut

Année de production: 2017

Durée: 13x 30min.

Aleem Syed had a bright future as a chef. He dropped out of high school to study French cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa and then continued his culinary training at various restaurants in New York City and Toronto. In 2008, his dream almost came to a halt, literally, when an accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. But that did not stop him for long.

Aleem taught himself how to get around the kitchen in a wheelchair and manoeuver an oversized cutting board on his lap, to help him whip up some tantalizing creations. Once he mastered that, he was unstoppable. The young chef started his own catering company in Toronto and now owns a Food Truck and dreams of opening a restaurant – with his own special spin.

Chef Aleem will zip through the streets of Toronto with his Halal food truck, the Holy Grill. We will follow him around, get to know his entourage, and the challenges he faces – and overcomes. His meals on wheels - on wheels. Aleem may be paralyzed but his passion for life and food is insurmountable. Aleem is an inspiration to all. A little side note, the Holy Grill is the first wheelchair accessible food truck.

Food Spin Chef Aleem focuses how a paraplegic man will take his food truck to the top – and is the story of a man with a dream, who won’t let a tragic accident get in the way.

Maison de production : Productions GFP (VI) inc.

Interprètes/Participants: Aleem Syed

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