Noël en boîte

Français (Available subtitled in English)

Région: Ontario and Nunavut

Année de production: 2018

Date de lancement au Canada : December 18, 2018

Durée: 92mins

This year, it will be a busy “Merry Christmas” in the Lapierre household. One week before Christmas, Sophie Stone (age 32), American TV star, discovers she has been photographed in a compromising position. On the pretext of giving an exclusive biographical interview in exchange for the photos, Sophie brings along the “paparasite,” Peter (age 33), to spend Christmas in the country in St-Orignal, at the home of the strict aunt who raised her. As members of her eccentric family (capable of providing fodder for much juicy gossip) reunite, Peter, who has agreed to pass himself off as Sophie’s boyfriend, busies himself in searching beyond appearances. But on Christmas Eve, the hoax veers off course and Sophie is forced to let the masks fall away. Her vulnerability disarms Peter, who helps her reconcile with the painful past still awaiting her in the boxes stored in her aunt’s home.

Maison de production : Noël en boîte Inc.

Partenaire(s) de coproduction : SandBay Entertainment Inc., Distinct Features

Interprètes/Participants: Janick Hébert, Zachary Amzallag, Michèle Vinet, Stef Paquette, Manon St-Jules, Vincent Poirier, Anie Richer, Pierre Simpson, Hélène Dallaire, Michael Lemire, Maxime Lauzon, Olivia Dépatie

Disponible sur : TV/Télévision

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