StellarX B2C

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Région: Quebec

Année de production: 2017

Durée: N/A

Most of the VR/AR content that exists today has been developed by teams of highly talented and technical individuals with experience using professional 3D Engine or with a background in programming. The learning curve is steep and difficulty of building VR/AR content has been limited to the amount of available tools.

StellarX is the best tool out there for non-programmers to develop their own VR/AR environments—and through simple drag-and-drop creation. From HTC-VIVE & VRVCA VP, Michael Lewis coined it as the Metaverse Builder. We foresee a new way to express and share ideas, content and information. A real paradigm shift transforming 3D content creation into not only something practical, simple, collaborative, actionable with analytics and fun to do, thanks to some gaming mechanics introduced, similar to a sandbox-style game.

Maison de production : OVA

Disponible sur : Web/Site web

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